Dash overview

A guide for new users to get started with Dash

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Welcome to Dash!

Dash is your easy to use home for your digital assets, allowing you and your team a centralised place to store, find and share assets with each other and externally.

In this guide, we'll summarise how to:

  • Upload assets to Dash

  • Search and find the assets you need

  • Browse and filter your results

  • Download assets in custom sizes

  • Create quick share links to your chosen assets

  • Create collections for collaboration and sharing

Note that some features are only accessible by admins, and you can learn more about these in our Getting Started for Admins guide.

You'll also find lots of help in your Task list

All users can a useful set of getting started Tasks in the in-app messenger.

Just click the in-app chat icon, then click Tasks. Here you'll get links to:

  • Interactive product tours

  • Getting started guides

  • Tips on what to do next to get up and running.

Uploading assets

If you have contributor access to your Dash, you can upload assets. You can upload assets from your desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also do a bulk import if you need to import a lot of assets.

Simply click the "+ Add files" button at the top-right of your Dash to add files.

Read this article to learn more about how to upload.

Searching in Dash

Searching in Dash isn't just limited to file names or folder names. Assets are tagged automatically with helpful terms and any other custom information the uploader has added. You can search any of these terms in Dash to locate the file you need.

Browsing and filtering your results

Once you've run an initial search, you'll land on the "All assets" page where you can browse your results. Click 'Filter' in the top left-hand corner to expand the filter bar, where you can narrow down your search based on the folder, orientation, file type and any other custom fields in your Dash.

Viewing an asset

Click a thumbnail on the All assets page to view an asset. On the left-hand side, we can preview the asset, and on the right-hand side, we can see all of the searchable information stored against the asset.

Downloading assets

To download an asset, click the download icon on the left-hand preview. You can choose to download the original file, convert it to JPG, PNG or WEBP and resize your asset. You can choose any of the custom preset sizes your admins have set up, or choose from any of the social media sizes. The custom download option lets you choose your own crop and image size to download.

Sharing an asset

To create a quick share link to an asset, click on the share icon on the left-hand preview. You can choose if you want your share link to expire in 1 day, 7 days or 30 days. Either enter your recipient's email address or simply copy the share link to share outside of Dash.

Using collections

A collection lets you group assets from across your Dash. They are a way of gathering together assets to help you with your work, such as:

  • Collating assets for a press release

  • Sharing project assets with an external agency

  • Collaborating with colleagues

  • Sharing documentation with your customers

To add an asset to a collection, click the 'Add to collection' icon from the left-hand preview. You can create a new collection here.

You can view your collections from the Home or "All assets" page. Click on the collections icon, and the name of the collection you would like to view. When viewing a collection, you can invite other users to collaborate on your collection or create a share link of your collection to send to external users.

But that's not all!

Dash contains loads of other useful features, including:

All these features can be set up by an admin of your account.

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