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How does Dash compare to Flickr?

Learn about the differences in features between Dash and Flickr

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We often hear from users who are currently using Flickr to store their assets, and are interested in what benefits they'd get by moving to a Digital Asset Management tool like Dash.

Generally speaking, Flickr is great for individuals who want to focus purely on photography promotion and sharing, whereas Dash is designed for small teams who have multiple types of assets and want to centrally store, share and maintain them with the least amount of hassle possible!

What you get in Dash that you don't get in Flickr

  • Multi-user access - give access to the whole team to your assets, so anyone can download, upload, edit or share assets, with permissions assignable for each user

  • Support for any file type - upload and search for any file type, not just photos

  • Effortless bulk editing - make bulk changes to assets quickly and easily

  • Custom metadata fields - create your own fields using a variety of pre-made types to capture the information you really need to see

  • Auto-tagging (Growth plan) - automatically tag objects, text and locations in your assets as soon as you upload them, making them instantly searchable by any user without any manual tagging or organisation being required

  • Auto-tagging in videos (Growth plan) - apply the same advanced AI tagging to videos

  • Custom branding (Growth plan) - apply your logo, brand colour and custom backgrounds to make your users feel more at home

  • Share via zip - allow anyone to download a zip of any groups of files you choose

  • Embed assets into InDesign (Growth plan) - access Dash assets directly from within InDesign

  • Unlimited video length - no limits on how long your uploaded videos can be

  • A fresh, modern and best-practice interface - Dash has been built from the ground-up using modern design and interface principles to make using it effortless and enjoyable

  • Human support - Speak with a dedicated Customer Success Manager and in-app chat to get comprehensive support to ensure you have a great experience.

  • Your voice heard - Dash is being actively developed based on user feedback. Our customers get to have a say in what features we build.

What you get in Flickr that you don't get in Dash

  • Analytics reports (Pro plan) - stats on your photo views

  • Unlimited uploads (Pro plan) - no limits on storage for photos

  • Partner discounts (Pro plan) - get discounts on third party products and services

  • Browse community images

We hope that helps. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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