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Getting your content into Dash - overview

Learn how to manage your upload workflow in Dash

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πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Available on our Value-based and Dashing plans, or as a bolt-on to our other plans

Streamline your asset upload workflow by having your external contributors and guests (e.g. photographers) submit their assets directly to Dash. Your nominated approvers can then review, edit, reject or approve those assets, including sending feedback, requiring the contributors to upload new versions.

Users can either be set up with their own fully-featured Dash account, or you can create guest upload links for easy asset submission without a login.

No more need for managing multiple WeTransfer or Dropbox links, sending feedback over emails, and and then having to manually upload the final assets yourself.

Here's how the workflow looks:

Here's a video overview to get you started

What is the difference between a guest and a contributor?

Contributors are fully-fledged Dash users, who can submit assets and participate in the feedback loop. They can also view and edit assets within any folders you have given them access to.

Guests are external people who you want to let send you assets as quickly and easily as possible. They don't require a Dash login, but also don't get any access to Dash other than the ability to send you assets.

This table summarises the difference in the two types of users:



Requires login



Can add metadata, folders, tags etc to uploads



Approvers can send feedback



Can resubmit new versions



Can view Dash assets

Yes - subject to permissions


For more information about guest uploads, please refer to this article.

The following information assumes you are intending to invite contributors to participate in the feedback loop.

Let's get started

  1. Invite your contributor/s

    and enable upload approvals for them:

    Refer to this article for more about inviting users and setting permissions.

  2. Ask them to start submitting assets and fill in fields
    Just send them our uploading guide for contributors article, that shows them how to upload.

  3. Approvers are notified when new assets are submitted
    You'll receive an email, and we'll show a notification on the Home screen:

  4. Review the assets
    Now's the time to:
    - Update any fields you would like filled in (you can do this later too)
    - Send feedback to the contributor if you'd like them to resubmit
    - Approve or reject the asset

  5. If you've left feedback, the contributor now uploads a new version

  6. Final review and approval
    Now the contributor has submitted a new version, you can view this and make any final changes. Find the link in the email, or from the approvals section on the Home screen.

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