How do I invite new users to Dash?

Learn how to give your colleagues and partners access to Dash

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Giving someone their own user account has a number of benefits:

Improving access to assets

  • Reduce the reliance on a small set of admins to distribute assets to others on request

  • Empower users to find assets themselves

  • Improve the visibility of your full asset catalogue

  • Allow external partners to find their own assets

Contributing to your digital library

  • Allow external asset creators and other colleagues to submit their own assets directly to you, with an optional approval process in place.

How to invite new users to Dash

You can invite individual users, or you can invite multiple users in bulk in one go.

  1. As an admin, click the Admin icon

  2. Click "Users & Groups"

  3. Click "+ New users"

  4. Enter the user(s) email address. You can copy and paste from a list or spreadsheet.

  5. Choose to make the user(s) an admin or assign to one or more groups.

  6. If you did not make the user(s) an admin, you will then select which groups the user(s) should be a member of.

  7. If you have selected a group with "Contributor access", you will need to select the user(s) approval rights.

  8. Customise the message shown on the invite email.

  9. Click "Send invite(s)"

The contact(s) will receive an invitation email, which will guide them through to accessing your Dash, including allowing them to create a password or connect with their SSO.

⚠️ Note that additional users may incur additional cost, depending on your plan. See our pricing FAQ here.

Frequently asked questions

As an admin, can I restrict users to specific sign-in options?

When a user is invited to Dash, they can choose to set up a password or link to an existing Google or Microsoft email account to sign in with. It's not possible to restrict which sign-in option your users register their email addresses with.

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