Can I add more users and storage?

Learn about how our subscriptions grow with you

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💁‍♀️ Applies to: tiered pricing plans

When you sign up for Dash, you'll have chosen a plan, which comes with an amount of storage and users. For example, our Growing plan lets you add up to 10 users and up to 50GB of assets.

How do I know how many users and storage I have in my plan?

You can see your allowances in any Dash invoice. If you don't have access to an invoice, just message us via the in-app chat and we'll confirm for you.

What happens if I use more than my subscription allowance?

Firstly, we never restrict your usage of Dash. You will always be able to add users and assets without reaching any forced blocks. Instead, we monitor usage and adjust your subscription according to your usage.

For storage, we automatically increase your subscription based on your usage, at the rates shown below. This happens monthly, and you'll receive an incremental invoice to align your subscription with your billing period.

For users, we send an email giving 1 weeks' notice when we've seen additional users added to an account, giving you a chance to reduce your usage if you want.

How much does additional storage and users cost?

Storage = £2.50 / $3.75 / €3.25 per 50GB

Users =


Price per additional user


£9.50 / $14.25 / €12.35


£3 / $4.50 / €3.90


£0.50 / $0.75 / €0.65

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