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How can I access my Dash assets from Canva?
How can I access my Dash assets from Canva?

Learn all about setting up and using our Canva integration

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With the Dash app for Canva, you can search for images stored in Dash and drop them into your designs without leaving Canva.

A few things to know

  • As with all our integrations, our Canva integration is available to users on all plans.

  • You'll need a Canva account (which you can create for free here).

  • Each Canva user can add the app independently and use it log in to their own Dash user account.

Setting up the integration

Setting up the Dash app for Canva doesn't require any configuration in Dash - just install the Dash app from the Canva app store and connect your accounts:

  1. Click "Use in new design" and choose a design type

  2. Click "Connect" to link your Dash account to Canva

  3. Enter your Dash account subdomain in the pop-up window (e.g.

    1. If you aren't sure what your subdomain is, click the "I've forgotten my subdomain" link to start a chat with our support team.

    2. If you don't have a Dash account, click "Start your free trial" to try Dash out!

  4. Log in to your Dash using the same method you would normally

  5. The pop-up window will close and your accounts will be connected!

Using the integration

Once you've linked your Canva account to Dash, you'll be able to start using the app. Start by clicking on the Dash app in Canva:

You'll notice images from your Dash appear in the left panel. To use these images simply click or drag-and-drop them into your design:

You can search for specific assets using the search bar at the top. This works just like searching in Dash, so any search you do in Dash will also work here. This includes searching all fields as well as titles, filenames etc.

What files are supported?

  • All images are available to be inserted

  • Images are inserted up to dimensions of 1952 x 1000. Images with higher resolutions than this will be downscaled to these dimension.

Future features

The following are some features we are considering adding to the Dash app for Canva. Get in touch if any of these are of interest or if you have further suggestions:

  1. Show videos from Dash as well as images

  2. Allow browsing of folders in the search results panel

  3. Allow publishing of Canva designs to Dash

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