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How do I create a public Brand Book or interactive Brand Guidelines?
How do I create a public Brand Book or interactive Brand Guidelines?

Learn how to use our Corebook integration to publish your brand guidelines using your Dash assets

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Corebook is a 3rd party application that enables you to quickly create an online Brand Book, or interactive Brand Guidelines, so that your staff, partners and freelancers know exactly how to use your logos, fonts, colours and other brand materials.

Dash integrates with Corebook to make it really easy to use your Dash assets in your public Brand Book.

With the Dash Corebook integration you can:

  • Link to assets in Dash by browsing your Dash from within Corebook. This enables users to download files stored in Dash such as logos directly from your Brand Book pages.

  • Show a link to your Brand Book to all users on the Dash All assets page.

  • See a shortcut to your Corebook admin area from within the Dash admin area.

Watch our short 2 minute overview of the integration here:

How to set up the integration

1. Create an account

First, create a Corebook account or sign in to an existing one. Corebook is a 3rd party paid service so you'll need a subscription to use it after a free trial.

2. Enable Dash in your Corebook account

Once you have an account, you'll need to enable the Dash plugin. To do this, contact Corebook directly on and provide them with your Corebook account email address, Corebook project name, and Dash subdomain. They'll then enable the integration in your account.

3. Choose Dash as your asset source in Corebook

Once we've confirmed we've enabled Dash in your Corebook, in Corebook go to Settings > Assets storage and choose Dash from the dropdown menu.

Now you're ready to go!

Linking to logos stored in Dash from your Brand Book

To link to a logo (or other file) stored in Dash, simply:

  1. In a content grid component, upload a low-res image to show in the page.

  2. Hover over it and choose the "Attach" icon

  3. Click the "Choose" button

  4. A Dash panel will appear, allowing you to browse your Dash folders (for example, "Logos") for the asset you need

  5. Click the image and it will be inserted

Showing your Brand Book in Dash

Once you have your Brand Book up-and-running in Corebook, you can show it your users in Dash. It will appear as a "Brand" link at the top of the All assets page, like this:

Your "Brand" link will also appear on any portals you have created.

To configure your Brand Book to show in Dash:

You'll need your Brand Book's public URL for this step. Find this in Corebook by going to Settings > Share & Publish > Public URL and copy the URL.

Once you have that, do the following:

  1. In Dash, head to Admin > Integrations > Corebook

  2. Enable Corebook by toggling on the switch:

  3. Enter the Brand Book URL you copied earlier

That's it! Your users can now quickly access your Brand Book from within Dash.

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