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How Do I Share a Collection publicly?
How Do I Share a Collection publicly?

Learn how to share collections with people outside of your Dash

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As well as collaborating with your fellow Dash users on a collection, you can also share a collection publicly, so anyone with the link can view it, even if they don't have a Dash user account.

Public collection share links will always show the current assets in the collection, so if you or another collaborator adds or removes assets, the changes will immediately be reflected in the share page.

Unlike directly sharing assets, shared collection links do not expire, so this can be helpful for more longer-term collaboration with external partners.

To share a collection publicly

Having created a collection, open it by clicking the Collection icon at the top of the screen and choosing a collection from the menu. If you haven't yet created a collection, you can do so here as well.

Once you've opened the collection, click the Sharing button at the top-right, and toggle on the "Share this collection publicly" option. This will generate a share link to the collection.

Copy this link and send it on to whoever you would like to be able to view the collection.

Collections will remain available on the link until they are unshared.

Unsharing a collection

To stop sharing a collection publicly, follow the previous steps but untoggle the "Share this collection publicly" option.

Note that if you want to re-share the collection again, this will generate a new link - the previous link will not work.

Controlling what asset information is included in the share page

You can control which fields are visible on public share pages, including shared collections. Learn how in this article.

What download options are available in a collection?

All the existing preset sizes and custom download options are available to visitors of publicly shared assets, including in shared collections, temporary share links and portals.

To access the custom download options in a shared page:

For a single asset

  1. Open the shared collection/link/portal

  2. Open a specific asset by clicking on it (don't click the download button on the thumbnail)

  3. In the asset details page, click the Download button. You'll see the usual custom downloads menu.

For multiple assets

  1. Open the shared collection/link/portal

  2. Use the tick to select multiple assets

  3. Click the Download button. You'll be shown the custom download menu.

Sharing more than 500 assets

You can only share a collection that contains 500 or fewer assets. If you do need to share more than 500 assets, we would recommend using either portals or giving users their own login to Dash and using permissions to control what they can see/edit. If you still have questions, just get in touch via the in-app chat and we'll be happy to help find a solution for you.

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