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How do I collaborate with colleagues on collections?
How do I collaborate with colleagues on collections?

Add other Dash users as collaborators on a collection to enable them to see and change the assets in it

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You can invite other Dash users to view and edit your collection, allowing you to collaborate on a collection to work together on a group of assets.

Adding collaborators to a collection

On the Collection page, click the "Add collaborators" icon in the top right:

Then, click in the "Add people" field and start typing the name or email address of the person you want to add and matching users will be shown in the list below. Note that you can only add a person as a collaborator if they are a user of your Dash account so if they do not appear in the results you may need to ask your admin user to invite them to your Dash account.

People you add as collaborators will receive an email, optionally containing a message from you, to let them know. They will then see your collection on their list of collections and will be able to add and remove assets from it as they can with their own collections. They will not be able to delete the collection, however - only the owner of the collection can do that.

Sharing a collection publicly

If you would like to share your collection with people outside of your Dash account, you can do that too! Learn how in this article.

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