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How can I share assets in Dash?

Learn about the various ways you can share assets with others

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There are three ways of publicly sharing assets in Dash:

  • Generating a quick share link to one or more assets you have selected

  • Adding assets to a collection and then sharing that collection

  • Creating a portal that gives public read-only access to selected folders

Here's a summary of the differences of each method

Use the buttons below to learn more about each method of sharing.

Quick share link

Shared collection


Use case

Quick ad-hoc shares of individual assets

Curated selection of assets to be shared with external users

Permanent browsable view of chosen folders for retailers, partners etc


Temporary or permanent

Temporary or permanent

Permanent, until revoked

Can be view-only?




Recipients can search and filter




Includes folders?

No - flat view

No - flat view

Yes - organised by folders

Share stays up to date?

No - link cannot be updated

Yes - link always shows assets in Collection

Yes - assets/folders match what is in your Dash

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to keep track of all the shares I've created?

Yes, you can manage and configure your shares easily in Dash, find out how here.

How do I control what information is made public?

You can control which of your fields you include in public share pages. Read this article to learn how.

Can I get a direct link to an asset, to embed in 3rd party applications?

Can I locate assets from shares that have expired?

It isn't possible within Dash to locate assets from shares that have previously expired. That said, if the share recently expired (within 30 days), get in touch with the link and we'll see if we can provide the list of assets for you.

Is it possible to prevent users from creating share links?

Any user with a Dash login is able to create share links; it isn't possible to restrict this.

Public visitors (e.g. to portals and other share links) aren't able to create share links.

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