How do I send email alerts from Dash?

Find out how to set up email alerts with Dash, using our Zapier integration

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By using our Zapier integration, you can trigger emails to be sent when an asset is added to your Dash account. You can choose to filter these events so emails are only sent if the asset is added to a specific folder, or given a specific field value.

Here's an example of email alerts in action:

How do I set up email alerts?

Create the zap

  1. Create a free Zapier account if you haven't already, and log in

  2. Go to Admin > Integrations, and select "Use this Zap" next to the row titled "Send Gmail emails when assets uploaded to Dash"


    Or click this link to jump straight to the template and click "Try this template"

You should see a screen like this:

Set up the trigger

  1. Click the trigger step (called "New Asset in Dash")

  2. Click through each section

  3. If this is the first time you've set up a zap, you'll need to connect your Dash account. Follow the instructions to connect you Dash account to Zapier. You only have to do this once. For more detailed steps on the configuration, refer to our Zapier setup article. Once connected, the "Choose account" step should look similar to this:

  4. Click continue to "Set up trigger"

  5. Here you can decide if you only want the emails to be sent if an asset meets a specific condition, such as having a specific tag, or being added to a specific folder.
    If you do want to set up a condition, choose the appropriate field from the dropdown list and enter the condition, like this:

    In the above example, this zap will trigger every time an asset is given the tag "Send email alert"

  6. Continue to test the zap. You'll need to make sure you have an asset already in your Dash that meets the criteria you've set above, in order for the test to succeed. If the test succeeds, it should look like this:

Set up the action

  1. Click the action step called "2. Send Email in Gmail"

  2. If it isn't shown, click "Choose account", and connect your Gmail account.

  3. Click Continue

  4. Now configure the email to suit your needs, including customising the sender, subject, email content etc. You can add dynamic fields to the email content, like this:

    You can also attach the file itself to the email by using the Attachments field:

  5. When done, click Continue and test the zap

  6. If it succeeds, you can publish the zap. Don't forget to give it a name by clicking the title at the top of the page!

What else can I do?

Check out our Integrations page (Admin > Integrations) for:

  • A list of pre-made Zapier templates to help you set up integrations quickly

  • Access to our Zapier app so you can create your own connections between 2,000+ apps

  • Other apps we integrate with

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