By using our Zapier integration, you can trigger emails to be sent when an asset is added to your Dash account. You can choose to filter these events so emails are only sent if the asset is added to a specific folder, or given a specific attribute value.

Here's an example of email alerts in action:

How do I set up email alerts?

Here's a quick video showing you how to do it:

In summary:

Create a free Zapier account if you haven't already, and log in

Go to Admin > Integrations, and select "Use this Zap" next to the row titled "Send Gmail emails when assets uploaded to Dash"


Or click this link to jump straight to the template and click "Try it"

Follow the instructions to connect you Dash account to Zapier. For more detailed steps on the configuration, refer to our Zapier setup article.

What else can I do?

Check out our Integrations page (Admin > Integrations) for:

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