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How to add files submitted from JotForm to a folder in Dash
How to add files submitted from JotForm to a folder in Dash

Learn how to set up a Zap that will add a file uploaded on a form in JotForm into a particular folder in Dash

Updated over a week ago

In this article, we'll show you how to automatically upload files submitted to a Jotform into your Dash.

⚠️ Note the Jotform Zapier app only supports uploading a single file per form.

  • In JotForm, create your form containing one or more File Upload fields:

  • In JotForm, click the profile icon in the top right and then Settings. Then uncheck the checkbox "Require log-in to view uploaded files":

  • Test your JotForm form by uploading a file to the published form and submitting it.

  • If you haven't got one already, sign up for a Zapier account and then sign in.

  • On the Zapier dashboard, click "Make a Zap".

  • For the "When this happens ..." step, find the JotForm app.

  • As there is only one trigger for JotForm, "New submission" will be selected automatically. Click "Continue".

  • Add your JotForm account and sign in to JotForm. When connecting to JotForm, make sure you answer the following questions correctly or the you'll see an error "We're having trouble loading form data" when setting up the JotForm trigger in Zapier:

The answers should correspond to your settings in JotForm in Profile->Settings->Data:

  • Once your JotForm account is connected, click "Continue":

  • In "Customize Submission", click "Choose value" and then select the form you want from the list of your JotForm forms. Click "Continue".

  • Test the trigger and then click "Continue".

  • For the "Do this..." step, find the Dash app.

  • In the "Choose an Event", click "Upload File to Asset". Click "Continue".

  • Connect your Dash account and sign in to it. You'll need to enter your Dash account's subdomain, which is the first part of your Dash URL (shown in your browser's address bar when you are using Dash). For example, for the Dash URL, the subdomain is mycompany

  • Click "Continue".

  • In the "Customize Asset" section, click in the "File" field, click "Show all options" and then click on the "Fields File Upload" field:

  • Choose a form field for the "Original Filename" field - this will be used to generate the filename of the file added to Dash. To keep the filename of the uploaded file (recommended) choose "Fields File Upload" again.

  • In the "Field For Setting Asset Metadata" field, choose "Folders".

  • Click "Refresh fields"

  • If you would like to specify a folder in your Dash to upload to, you can add this as a field update property. See this article for more details.

  • Click "Test and Continue".

  • Click "Turn on Zap".

  • You're good to go! Any files submitted using the form will now be added into Dash automatically.

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