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How to let external users upload to your Dash
How to let external users upload to your Dash

Learn all about the guest upload feature

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πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Available on our Dashing and value-based plans, or as a bolt-on

You can create a shareable link that will allow anyone with the link the ability to upload assets to your Dash.

This is useful when you want to reduce the friction and encourage non-Dash users to submit assets, such as:

  • Public submissions of user-generated content (UGC)

  • Photographers who are out-and-about and don't have time to upload using the usual method

How guest upload works

  • Any admin can create a guest upload link

  • You can have multiple guest upload links

  • Each link will specify a single folder that all uploads will be saved to

  • There is no restriction on what types of files can be added

How to create a guest upload link

  1. Go to Admin > Guest upload links

  2. Click New guest upload link

  3. In the prompt, give your link a name (E.g. "Public photo submissions") and optionally add a welcome message that can provide some useful information to your visitors

  4. Click Save & continue

  5. Choose the folder that all uploads from this link should be saved to
    πŸ’‘ You can click "New folder" to create a new folder at any level, within this popup

  6. Click Create guest upload link

  7. You'll now be able to copy the link or visit the page for yourself

Submitting assets using a guest upload link

Once created, send your link to anyone you'd like to submit assets.

To submit assets, they will:

  1. Open the link in a web browser

  2. Add their email address. This is so you will know who submitted the asset/s.

  3. They can then either drag files onto this screen or use the "Choose files" button to manually select them from their computer.

  4. Once added, they'll see the upload screen. From here, they can use the buttons below to either submit their assets or add more:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on how many assets can be uploaded via a guest upload link?

Visitors can only upload 500 assets at a time via a guest upload link.

To upload more than 500 assets, the user can simply submit their assets and upload a new batch by going back to the guest upload screen.

Can guests edit the assets they upload?

No, guests can only upload assets. They cannot modify them, for example changing the title or populating fields. This is all done by the approver or subsequently by users with contributor-level to the asset in Dash.

Will guest uploaders be notified if/when their assets are approved?

No, guest uploaders will not receive any further notifications from Dash.

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