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Uploading and tagging your assets in Dash is easy, and it helps other Dash users find and discover your content.

Who can upload?

Any user with contributor access can upload assets to Dash. Read our article on permissions to learn about setting this up.

Where can assets be uploaded from?

We support adding assets from:

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • Your computer

Just click the "Add files" button at the top-right of your Dash to get started.

Can I control what folders a user can upload to?

Yes! With permissions, you can not only control whether a user can upload or not, but also to which folders.

Can I approve user uploads before they are available to other users in Dash?

Yes! With this feature you can approve uploads, update their fields and even leave comments for the uploader. Read all about upload approvals in this article.

Can uploaders fill in fields or do I have to do it?

They certainly can. A contributor can edit fields of some or all assets they've uploaded. You can even require certain fields are filled in during upload.

Can uploaders see assets they've previously submitted for approval?

Yes, just go to the Home screen and if there are any assets they've submitted that awaiting approval, they'll see a 'Recently added' section. Click "View" to see the assets. From here they can make further edits, upload new versions or discard the uploads.

Is there a limit on how many assets can be uploaded?

There is no limit on the number of assets that can be uploaded by contributors (i.e. uploads done within Dash by contributors).

There is a limit of 500 assets per upload for guest uploads.

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