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How to require fields to be completed on upload
How to require fields to be completed on upload

You can ask users to complete certain fields to help keep Dash organised

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You can mark specific fields as being required to be completed by users when they upload assets.

This is useful when certain fields are important to you in terms of keeping your Dash organised, and to ensure important assets are made searchable to other users.

Setting a field as required on upload

To mark a field as required on upload, simply go to Admin > Fields, select the desired field, and tick the "Required on upload" checkbox.

What the uploader will see

When an user uploads assets, any fields that are required will be highlighted on the thumbnail:

If an uploader tries to submit assets without completing the fields you've marked as necessary, they will first see this prompt:

ℹ️ Note the user can still click "Submit anyway" - we don't force users to complete fields you've marked as required, as this will risk junk data being added.

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