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Learn about how you can use groups to control what your users can see and do.

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How do permissions work in Dash?

With Dash you can customise exactly who has access to which folder, and what level of access they should have to it.

Watch our video for a short overview of permissions:

Types of permission groups in Dash

All non-admin users must have at least one of the following permission groups applied to them:

  • Basic

    • View assets

    • Download assets

    • Create and share collections

    • Share assets

    • Cannot upload, edit, or delete assets

  • Contributor

    • View assets

    • Download assets

    • Upload assets

    • Edit and delete assets

    • Create new folders within folders that they have been given Contributor access to (see giving folder-specific permissions below)

Optionally, contributors can be required to submit their assets for approval by an admin before they become available to all other users.

Giving folder-specific permissions

By default, your Dash account comes with two permission groups:

  1. Basic all folders

  2. Contributor all folders

This is the simplest way of organising your users, giving each user either Basic or Contributor access to all folders.

If you would like to give different permissions to certain folders, you can do this too by creating additional Groups.

Creating a group

A group will allow you to specify Basic or Contributor level access to specific folders.

To create a new group, go to Admin > Users & Groups, click on the Groups tab, then click the Add group button.

Give your group a name and pick either Basic or Contributor.

Then choose which folders members of the group can have that level of access to.


If you want certain users to be able to edit assets in a folder called Staff photos and also be able to upload their own picture, you might:

  • Create a new group, and call it "Contributor staff photos".

  • Set the group permissions to Contributor

  • For folder access, select the Only the folders your choose option and only tick the Staff photos folder

  • Edit users and assign them to this group.

Assigning a group to a user

This can be done either when inviting a new user (note, the option to pick what groups this user is in will only show if you have unticked the Admin user checkbox), or by editing an existing user.



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