You can choose to require specific users to submit their uploaded assets for approval before they are viewable by other Dash users. This is useful as it can allow external contributors (e.g. photographers) to upload straight into Dash, while still giving you control over the final assets that are made available to the rest of your users.

  • You can enable upload with approval on a per-user basis (so all uploads by that user will either require approval, or none will).

  • Any administrator user will be able to view and approve assets submitted for approval.

How to enable Upload with Approval for a user

  1. As an Admin, go to Admin > Users & Groups > Users

  2. Select the user you want to require approval for

  3. Add the user to a contributor group

  4. Check the box "Uploads must be approved"

What happens when a user who's uploads must be approved, uploads an asset

Whenever a user uploads an asset, and that user has the "uploads must be approved" option enabled, they will see the same upload screen and be able to update asset fields as normal, but they will now see a "Send for approval" button instead of the usual "Done" button.

Approving uploaded assets

When new assets have been uploaded that require approval, all Admins will see an alert on the Home page and receive an email.

Pressing "View uploads" will show you all submitted assets and allow you to:

  • View each asset and update its metadata

  • Use your normal filters to filter down the asset view

  • Selectively approve or reject (delete) submitted assets

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