This article offers some things to try if you are having problems downloading from Dash. Follow each of the steps in this article in turn and hopefully you'll resolve the issue. You can always contact us at any time using the in-app chat if you would like our support.

1. Make sure you are using a supported browser

See our list of supported browsers.

2. Try again from a private window

Most problems downloading occur from an out of date browser cache or installed browser extensions. To test for this, open a new private window (in Chrome click File > New Incognito Window). Once in the new window, log in to your Dash and try again.

If this solves the problem, do the following (jump to step 3 if you still had the problem in a private window):

a) Clear your browser cache and hard reload

  • Return to the normal (non-incognito) window

  • Open the browser's developer console (on Chrome: CMD+ALT+J on Mac, CTRL+SHIFT+J on Windows)

  • Right-click the Refresh icon

  • Click "Empty cache and hard reload"

If that still doesn't work (but it did work in a private window):

b) Disable browser extensions

Turn off each extension one by one and repeat your download in Dash until the download works and you identify the offending extension.

A good place to start is with ad blocking extensions.

3. Get in touch

If you still have issues in a private browser window, then please contact us using the in-app chat or via email and we will help you resolve your issue.

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