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Is Dash available in all countries?
Is Dash available in all countries?

Find out whether Dash can be used across the world, e.g. does Dash work in China?

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We sometimes get asked whether Dash can be used in countries such as China, which may have different firewall or privacy infrastructures. The short answer is yes - we don't restrict Dash in any way from being accessible. All that is required to load Dash is a supported browser and for the Dash site not to be blocked by a firewall or network restrictions.

Some countries, and indeed corporate networks, may restrict internet access in a way that makes Dash inaccessible. If you can't access Dash, please speak to your network administrators and ask them to whitelist Dash using these instructions.

If you want to be extra sure Dash will work for yu, we'd recommend you take out a free trial to test it out from that country. If you do encounter any problems, feel free to get in touch via our in-app chat or by emailing us as

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