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I'm having problems registering for a new Dash account
I'm having problems registering for a new Dash account

Learn how to resolve issues when trying to sign up for Dash

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If you have received an invite to join a Dash account, for example sent by your administrator, and are having problems, please try the following steps:

You receive a "link expired" error when trying to register for a new account.

If this happens, try the following:

  1. Invitation links expire after 14 days. If the email is over 14 days old, please ask your administrator to re-invite you.

  2. Make sure the full registration link is being loaded into your browser. If in doubt, right-click the "Get Started" button, click "Copy link/URL" and paste the link into a supported browser. You can't copy the URL from one browser to another.

  3. Did you click "login with Google", fail to login and then pressed "Back" in the browser? If so, please try clicking the "Get Started" link in the email again.

You are unable to register using the Google sign-in button

You will only be able to sign up with Google if the email address that your administrator sent the invite to was a Google account. Please check what email address was invited and register using that email.

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