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What notifications can Dash send?
What notifications can Dash send?

Learn the various ways of being notified of activity in your Dash

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Dash support varies notifications, each supporting different workflows. This articles summarises all notifications that exist, with links to the articles about the relevant feature or workflow.

All notifications are send by email.

Types of notifications in Dash

New version alerts

When you upload a new version of an asset to Dash, any user who previously downloaded that asset will be notified by email that a new version exists.

This helps users ensure they are using the best possible version of an asset.

Saved searches alerts

Any user can create a saved search, to have a quick way to re-run common searches.

You can enable email alerts for any saved search, which will email the user if any new assets match that search. This can be used for things like alerting a user if any asset is added to a particular folder, for example.

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