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Nothing is permanent in life, so if you choose to move on from Dash, we'll help make the move as painless as possible.

This article answers the most common questions about cancelling a Dash account.

What is the cancellation notice period?

The cancellation notice period is 30 days unless otherwise agreed during the sign-up process (e.g. if you signed a longer-term agreement).

How do I give notice?

To give notice to cancel, simply let us know using either the in-app chat, by email to, or by letting your Customer Success Manager know.

How do I get a copy of all my assets?

We can provide you with a full export of your Dash. Please refer to this article for more information.

How does the invoicing work?

As your cancellation will likely fall mid-way through a billing cycle, our system will handle this.

  • Any previous invoices already issued remain due, even if they cover a period beyond your cancellation date.

  • Once the cancellation date is reached, our system will automatically issue you a credit for any fees paid for a period beyond this date.

If you have any questions or concerns about the invoicing, please contact our billing team on

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