Your Dash subdomain is the custom word that sits before "" in the URL. For example, in the follow URL, the subdomain is "brighton":

You choose your subdomain when you first sign up for a Dash trial.

Can I change my Dash subdomain?


What do I need to know?

Once you request a subdomain change, you'll need to bear in mind the following:

  • You'll need to let us know when you would like the change to be made. Normally this will be done within UK working hours.

  • It is advisable for your users not to be logged in while we make the change. Any logged in users will likely experience unpredictable results, and uploads and downloads will likely not be successful.

  • Any links you've previously made, for example share links, public collection links, or just your own links to your Dash that you might have sent to people, will no longer work. You will need to recreate any shares that you want to keep sharing. We don't currently offer any forwarding from old to new subdomains.

I'm ready - how do I request my subdomain be changed?

The account owner (the person who either signed up for your account or who has been appointed in charge of your Dash) should get in touch via the in-app chat or via email and let us know:

  • What your current subdomain is

  • What new subdomain you would like

  • When you would like the change made

  • Confirmation you have advised, or will advise, your users about the change

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