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How can I rate asset performance?
How can I rate asset performance?

Learn about storing insights about your assets to help future decisions

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When choosing the best asset, you may want to know how well a certain asset has performed in the past.

You can do using a custom field. This will let you create a specific field to capture the performance rating, which you can display against your assets. Your users will be able to view a specific asset's performance, and also filter for assets that meet a certain performance level.

Creating a "Performance" custom field

  1. Go to Admin > Fields

  2. In the "Suggested fields" section, click "Add+" by the Performance field

Setting the rating for a specific asset

Now you've got your field created, you can apply a rating to any asset. To apply a rating:

  1. View an asset.

  2. In the metadata sidebar, scroll down to the "Performance" field.

  3. Choose the rating you want to give to that asset.

Showing the rating on the asset thumbnails

Did you know you can show some custom fields directly on the "All assets" page, underneath each asset thumbnail? The performance field is great for this as it is a visual, easy to understand and immediately useful piece of information.

Our article on how to add fields to thumbnails will show you how to do this. If you have any questions, just get in touch using the in-app chat.

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