How can I link assets together?

Learn how to use fields to capture different types of related assets

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Sometimes you might want to upload multiple assets that all relate to each other.

For example, if you wanted to save release or consent forms for assets, or licence agreements.

You can do this by using fields.

Method 1 - adding direct links to other assets

  1. Create a Text Area field called, for example, "Consent Forms"

  2. Open up the asset you want to link other assets to, and notice the Consent Forms field is now visible in the metadata side panel.

  3. Go to each asset you want to link to this original asset, copy the URL while viewing that asset, and paste that URL into the "Consent Forms" field of the original asset

Here's a video overview:

Method 2 - if you have a way of uniquely identifying each asset

  1. Create a field (e.g. controlled tag) that lets you specifically identify an asset, e.g. "Name" or "Product ID". Apply this field to both the source and the related assets.

  2. Create a field (e.g. dropdown) that lets you capture the type of asset, e.g. Consent form. Apply this field to the related asset.

  3. When viewing an asset and you want to view its related consent form:

    1. Scroll to the identifier field you created above and click the tag you applied

    2. You'll be on the "All assets" screen. Now add a filter for asset type = consent

    3. Done!

Here's a video to show you how:

Method 3 - Tagging people

Similar to method 2, you can:

  1. Create a controlled tags field called "People"

  2. Add the names of who you would like to track

  3. Open an asset and tag the names of the people in the People field

  4. Open the related consent form and also tag the name of the relevant person in the People field

Now, when you do a search for that name using the "People" filter, you will see all assets with that person and also the related consent form/s.

If you want to then further filter the results to only see the consent forms, you could follow the steps in Method 2 above to add a second dropdown field to capture whether the asset is a consent form or not, then you can add that as a second filter.

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