You can import a CSV file to update the metadata of a large number of assets in one go. This is often something you will do having completed a bulk import.

By importing metadata, you can update the title, description and all other attributes of multiple assets in one go, by preparing that information in advance in a CSV file.

Firstly click here to download our CSV metadata import template:

Open the file in a text editor or a spreadsheet application and add your metadata. It is often easier to edit the file in a spreadsheet application like Google Sheet or Excel, but it is important that you always save the file as a CSV file (many applications will attempt to save the file in their own native formats such as XLSX).

How do I add metadata to the template?

The first row acts as column titles. You will see some examples already in the template. You must keep the first entry (filename to match on) as it is, but you can choose all other columns based on what metadata you want to update.

All subsequent rows then relate to a specific asset. Start with the filename of the asset, and then add (using commas if you are editing the file as text) additional information corresponding to the column.

You can see an example already included in the template.

Frequently Asked Questions

What attributes can I update?

You can update any attribute that exists in Dash. Simply add the name of the attribute in the first row (to find the attribute name, go to Admin > Attributes).

Can I create new attribute entries using the import or do they have to exist already?

You can create new entries in Dash attributes straight from the import spreadsheet for the following attribute types:

  • Folders & nested lists

  • Controlled tags

For other attribute types such a dropdown lists, to populate these you need to have the entries created in Dash already.

The date information isn't importing correctly

If you are having problems importing dates, make sure the dates are formatted in standard ISO format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss, e.g.

  • 2019-08-14T23:16:00

  • 2019-08-14

Be sure to keep leading zeros, e.g. 01 not 1

If I re-import metadata for an asset what will happen to existing metadata for that asset?

For any attributes that are specified in the import sheet, for assets that already exist in your Dash, all data within that attribute will be replaced with what is in the import sheet. We won't modify any attributes that aren't in the import sheet.

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