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How to show custom fields under thumbnails
How to show custom fields under thumbnails

Promote important information about assets to your users

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Once you have started adding custom fields to your Dash, you may want to promote one or more of them to make them easier for your users to see.

You can add certain custom fields types to be shown directly underneath asset thumbnails on the Browse page, like this:

Here, you can see we've added the "Rating" custom field to be shown under the thumbnail. This makes the rating immediately visible to users without having to open the asset and scroll to the field in the sidebar.

How to add a field to the thumbnail

To add a field to the thumbnail:

  1. Go to Admin > Fields > Thumbnail display.

  2. Choose either the "Logged in users" or "Public visitors" tab, depending on which type of user you'd like the change to affect.

  3. Drag the desired field from the "Available fields" column to the area underneath the preview thumbnail.

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