What can I search for in Dash?

Everything you need to know about searching in Dash!

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What is included in the Dash search?

We search through all metadata associated with an asset. This includes:

  • Filename

  • Title

  • Contents of any other fields

How can I search for a specific filetype?

Simply put, use the search format *.jpg.

See our article "How do I search by file extension" for full details on how to do this.

Can I do AND/OR filters?

You can use Filters to refine your search. See this article for how filters use and/or logic, to help you get the best results.


If you aren't seeing the search results you expected, here are some things to check.

Typing a word isn't showing an asset I expect

Dash searches for full words to allow users to be as as specific as possible when searching.

If your asset is called "PinkertonStreet", you can't just search for the word "Pinkerton". To locate this asset using a partial search, use a wildcard (e.g. "Pinkerton*")

An asset called "Pinkerton-Street" would be returned by a search for "Pinkerton", as delimiters such as "-" would mean Pinkerton is regarded as a separate word.

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