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How can I upload a folder structure into Dash?
How can I upload a folder structure into Dash?

Learn how to save time by having Dash automatically recreate your local folder structure

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Sometimes you may want to upload assets that are already in a folder structure, for example on your local machine.

If you would like to preserve this folder structure and asset locations when you upload assets to Dash, simply use the drag-and-drop feature and Dash will do this for you. Note: This option is not available if using "Add Files" to upload your assets.

Note that not all browsers support this functionality - we recommend using Google Chrome.

To upload assets in a folder structure to Dash

  1. Sign in as an admin user (only admin users have permission to create folders while uploading).

  2. Locate the folder hierarchy containing your assets on your computer.

  3. Drag the parent folder onto your Dash browser window.

  4. You will see a "drop to upload" message, and when you release the mouse the following window will appear:

This gives you the option to either preserve the folder structure (with a preview of what it will look like and how many files will be uploaded into each folder), or to just upload the assets without any folders created.

If you want to import a large number of files and folders into Dash then we recommend using the bulk import feature. We can help with this (or even do it for you) - just ask in the chat.

I'm trying to upload a folder structure, but I'm not getting the pop-up asking me whether to include folders

As stated above, this pop-up will only appear if using drag-and-drop to add assets, not if using the "Add Files" feature. Make sure you're using drag-and-drop.

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