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How do I import my Dropbox assets into Dash?

Use the Dropbox integration to import folders and files into Dash

Updated over a week ago

Moving from Dropbox to Dash has never been easier, as an admin user, all you have to is connect your Dropbox account to Dash!

Step 1: Prepare your files within Dropbox

Take a look at your existing folder structure in Dropbox and come up with a strategy on how you would like to organise your files moving forward with Dash.

πŸ’‘You can easily re-organise your assets once they are in Dash, but it is a great idea to have an initial structure before the import.

Step 2: Connect a Dropbox account to Dash

Select the + Add Files button in the upper right-hand corner and select Dropbox.

Connect to your account. As this feature is in beta, there may be a few different pages to accept before you can connect your account.

πŸŽ‰ You can now browse your Dropbox files within Dash.

Step 3: Copy files to Dash

Select the files you want to upload into Dash. If you select a folder in your Dropbox, any subfolders will also be created when copied into Dash.

Once you're finished with your selection, click Copy to Dash.

πŸ’‘ You can click away whilst the import is in progress, and return later by clicking + Add files at any point.

Once complete, your assets will be searchable and browseable in Dash 😁 Don't forget to bulk edit and add tags to boost their searchability.

πŸ’‘If you select assets rather than folders from your google drive, you can find them in Dash in the filter bar under Folders > Not in any folders

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import entire folders?

Yes, you can select a folder in the Dropbox import screen and we'll import the entire folder. You'll also be given the choice of whether you want to preserve the Dropbox folder structure and where you would like the assets imported to.

What happens if I close the import screen during an import?

We'll continue importing the selected assets even if you close the import screen.

I'm getting a "We weren't able to connect to that account" error

If this happens, it means another Dash user has already connected their Dash to this Dropbox account. A Dropbox account can only be linked to one Dash user account.

You can identify which Dropbox account is being referred to by opening a new tab and going to The account logged in is the account being referred to.

To rectify the issue, either try and link a different dropbox account (log out of Dropbox first), or find out who in your organisation has already linked to that Dropbox account and ask them to disconnect it from their Dash account.

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