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Deleting a user: What happens to their content?
Deleting a user: What happens to their content?

Find out what is retained and what is deleted when deleting a user

Updated over a week ago

If you're an admin, you'll be able to delete users in the Admin > Users & Groups section of your Dash. What happens though to any content by this user when deleted? Read on to find out.

Assets uploaded by the user

✅ These remain in Dash as before. The only difference is that "Added by" now says "Deleted user":

Collections created by the user

❗️Any collections created by the user will be deleted, even if there are other collaborators on it. However, when deleting the user, you'll be alerted to which collections these are:

The assets in the collection will not be deleted, just the collection. If you do want to make a note of which assets are in the collection so you can re-create it yourself, you can either go to the collection yourself if you're a collaborator, or ask any other collaborators or the user themselves to send you a link to the included assets.

Share links created by the user

When deleting the user, you'll be prompted to either delete or keep any active share links this user has:

If you choose not to delete the share link, it'll remain active until it expires (unless it's set to "never expire".

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