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How to generate download links for gated content on your website
How to generate download links for gated content on your website
Updated over a week ago

Are you looking to utilise Dash for delivering gated content to your leads? Here's how you can generate download links for your assets to gate content on your website:

Using the Dash API

Depending on your usecase, there are a few options using our Dash API.

Option 1: Use the Download Assets Endpoint

The first option is to use the Download assets endpoint. This allows you to specify one or multiple assets that you'd like to create a download link for, as well as any transformations you'd like to perform on the asset(s). This can include preset or custom crops, resizes, and more.

Option 2: Use the Get an Asset or Search for Assets Endpoints

Another option is to use the Get an asset or Search for assets endpoints. These endpoints will return an Asset object, which includes a property called:


Within this object, you'll find another property called:


This can be used as an easy way to get a downloadable preview of an image.

Option 3: Use the Create Asset Embeddable Links Endpoint

The final option is to use the Create asset embeddable links endpoint. This is a good choice if you need a permanently-available download URL for the asset, such as for embedding on a website. Unlike the previous options, this endpoint will provide a signed URL that will only be available for a limited period of time. You can also specify transformations to be performed on the asset when generating the embeddable link.

Without using the Dash API

If you're looking to gate PDFs, then Dash's asset embed links will open the document in a new tab - which may be just enough for what you're looking for! You can create these in Dash without using the API.

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