Using the Dash API
Learn how to connect Dash with your other applications and workflows
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When you want to connect Dash to your other systems, you can either use our native and 3rd party integrations (that don't require any programming knowledge), or you can use our REST API.

Native integration give you easy to use, ready-made ways to access Dash from other sources, such as browsing Dash and downloading assets straight from within Photoshop. But there may be times when these integrations don't do exactly what you need, and this is when you might want to use the API.

Does Dash have an API?


How do I use the API?

Ask one of your developers to review our API documentation which can be found here:

You will also need to be authenticated by our development team, so for the API to work you'll need to contact us (use the in-app chat or email

You'll need to let us know the URL(s) you want to redirect to from the OAuth flow so we can whitelist them.

I'm having problems using the API, or doing what I need to do with it

Just get in touch and we'll be happy to help you. We are also really interested in feedback about the API so we can keep adding to it and improving it, so if there's something you need it do that it currently doesn't, just let us know!

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