What counts towards monthly limits?
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πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Applies to: value-based pricing plans

In February 2023 we launched our 'value-based pricing' model trial, whereby we charge only for the usage of Dash that brings you and your users value:

  • Total number of assets in your Dash OR total GB volume of storage*

  • Total number of monthly downloads of assets

* We switched from number of assets to GB volume in July 2023. Check your invoice to tell which price model you are on.

This page explains exactly what is and isn't included in these calculations.

Total storage

Total GB volume of stored assets in your Dash.

This includes:

  • Assets in your bin

  • Assets uploaded but not yet submitted

  • Assets uploaded for approval but not yet approved

  • Additional asset versions

Monthly downloads

If you download an asset from Dash, either using the Download button, or from a share page, or via an integration, that counts as a download.

Here is a full list of what constitutes a download:

  • Downloads in the app

  • Downloads from shared collections

  • Downloads from temporary share links

  • Downloads from portals

  • Active embeddable links (each active embeddable link in a month counts as a download)

  • Downloads via integrations, e.g.

    • Inserting an asset into Shopify from our Shopify integration

    • An asset being sent to a different destination via Zapier

  • Downloads via the API

Total Assets

Total assets comprise only of live assets in your Dash.

The following types of assets do not count against your subscription:

  • Older versions of assets

  • Assets in the Bin

  • Assets in the uploads area that are yet to be uploaded/submitted for approval

  • Submitted assets requiring approval

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