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How can I see how many times an asset has been downloaded?
How can I see how many times an asset has been downloaded?

Learn how to see reports about download information about your assets

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With Dash you can view the following information about each asset:

  • How many times it has been downloaded

  • Which users have downloaded it

  • When each user downloaded it

  • What format of asset each user downloaded (e.g. the original, or a resize or preset)

  • Whether the asset was downloaded by a user or from an external share link

You can also filter all of the above information by a variety of date ranges.

How to view asset download information

Open up an asset, and look at the asset details section of the side panel:

You can immediately see the total number of times that asset has been downloaded.

To see more detailed information, click "View download activity".

From this screen, you can view all of the information about the asset's download history, and use the buttons at the top of the screen to filter by an appropriate date range.

Can I tell if an asset has been downloaded from a portal?

Sometimes you may have sent an asset to someone externally, and would like to know whether they have downloaded it. To do this, use the asset download report mentioned above, as downloads from share links and portals are included here. This way you can see if the asset has been downloaded externally.

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