You are able to resize or crop images before you download them from Dash.

You have three different options when downloading:

  • Download using a preset size, which can be either a resize or a crop, that has been preconfigured by your Admins and available to all users. See this article for more on preset sizes.

  • Create your own crop at the point of download

  • Create your own resize at the point of download

Cropping an image when downloading

Here's how to crop an image manually when you download (as opposed to using a Preset Size):

  1. On any image asset, select the Download button, then click "Custom download" and then "crop". You'll see a screen like this:

  2. Now you can

    1. Choose whether to free crop or fix the aspect ratio using the padlock icon

    2. Enter the specific crop dimensions or freely drag the selection

    3. Click inside the crop selection area to drag it to a different position

When you're ready, click "Confirm crop", and you'll see a preview of your image in its new dimensions. If you would like to resize the image at this point, you can do so, and then click Download.

Resizing an image when downloading

To resize an image before you download it, choose "Custom crop" from the Download menu, and you will see the resizing sliders. 

Resizing preserves the image's aspect ratio, so adjusting one of the dimensions will adjust the other. To change an image's aspect ratio you may choose to crop the image instead (see above).

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