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What image formats can I download assets in?
What image formats can I download assets in?

Learn how about what formats we support and when to use them

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When downloading an image using a Preset Size or Custom Resize, you can choose whether to download in either JPG, PNG or WEBP.

Not sure what the difference is or which one to use? Here's a quick guide:


(also known as JPEG - they are the same file format)

  • Ideal for photos that you want to use on the web (e.g. website, intranet or social media)

  • Sacrifices some image quality for a smaller file size

  • Converts any transparency in an image to white (so a transparent background on a logo, for example, would get converted to solid white)


  • Ideal for graphics and logos

  • No loss in image quality, which means the file size will be larger (especially for detailed images like photographs)

  • Supports transparency (so if you have a logo on a transparent background, the background stays transparent)


  • Highly optimised for web usage

  • Smaller file sizes than both PNG and JPG with comparable image quality

  • Supports animations, with smaller file size than GIFs

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