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How to predefine a crop area for an image
How to predefine a crop area for an image

Learn how to control crops for specific images

Updated over a week ago

With Dash, you can create preset sizes, which are predefined crops or resize dimensions that any user can apply when downloading an image.

With crop areas, you can take this one step further and predefine exactly where in an image a preset crop will be applied, when a user downloads that image.

This is useful if:

  • You want to control exactly how images will look when downloaded by other users

  • You want to ensure assets look perfect when integrating them with 3rd party applications such as Shopify

Setting a crop area for an image

  1. First, make sure you have already created a preset crop size in your Dash account.

  2. Open the image you want to create a crop area for

  3. Click the Download icon

  4. Click "Set crop areas"

  5. Choose the preset crop size you'd like to create a predefined crop area for, by clicking "Set crop area..."

  6. Drag the crop area to suit your needs. You can resize the crop area as well (note that this is effectively resizing the image - the crop dimensions are fixed).

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