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Older updates

May 2021

Auto-tags for mood and other visual face descriptions

Facial recognition now detects moods (e.g. smiling, sad) and other visual descriptions (e.g beard)

Drag and drop new versions

Simply drag a new version of asset straight from your desktop onto an existing asset in Dash to add it as a new version.

Friendlier collection share URLs

When you share a collection, the URL now contains the name of the collection and also the word collection, so its easier for recipients to understand what they are about to click on!

April 2021

Show fields when sharing assets externally

You can now include specific fields on the asset share page - useful when you want to provide external users with even additional information about the assets you are sharing.

Search within documents

Search for text within documents such as office documents and PDFs 👍

The first 100,000 characters are indexed and searchable.

March 2021

Controlled tags

Control what tags users can add to an asset, and allow them to view a list of all available tags, using our new controlled tags field.

Learn more here

February 2021

Upload with approval

You can now require specific users to submit their uploaded assets for approval by an administrator before those assets are viewable by other users. Perfect for allowing external contributors to upload their assets straight into Dash while still giving you a chance to check them first.

Learn more here

January 2021

Custom Terms and Conditions

Require your users to read and accept your own terms and conditions before accessing your assets. Learn more here.

Show custom fields by asset thumbnails

Choose to show text or dropdown fields underneath assets on the Browse page, which can even be modified directly without having to open the asset. Configure this in Admin > Fields > Thumbnail display.

Bulk upload even more assets, with folder hierarchy

You can already drag assets from your desktop onto Dash to upload them. Now, dragging a folder with sub-folders will re-create that folder structure in Dash. You can also now upload more than the previous limit of 500 assets in this way.

December 2020

Email notifications for saved searches

You can now opt to receive email alerts if newly added assets match a saved search. Learn how here.

Import folder structures by drag-and-drop

Now instead of having to manually recreate your local folder structures in Dash, you can do it automatically (if you are an admin user) by simply dragging a folder from your desktop into Dash. All sub-folders will be created in Dash for you, and all the assets uploaded into the right place. Find out more

Download analytics

You can now see a full report of download activity for every asset in your Dash. See who downloaded assets, when, and how many times, and over what period. Learn more here.

November 2020

Share collections publicly

You can now create a live share link to any collection, which can be viewed by anyone even if they don't have a Dash account. The link will always show the current set of assets in the chosen collection. Learn how!

Collection collaboration

Add colleagues and other users of your Dash account as collaborators on your collections so they can see the assets you've shared and add assets to the collection themselves. Find out more about collection collaboration.

October 2020

Sort by number of downloads

If you want to see which are your most popular images, or conversely which are underused, you can now sort your browse or search results by the number of times assets have been downloaded.

Check how often an image has been used on the web

Click "Check usage on web" to see a report of how many times an image appears on public web pages. Useful to see on which of your public web pages your own images have been used, and to check whether stock photos have been overused before you select them for a campaign.

September 2020

Content Match (beta) (now retired)

Paste in your content and we'll use natural language algorithms to identify the key words and phrases in your content and show you the most relevant images from your Dash account. Its in beta so we'd love your feedback! Try it out now in the Browse search bar.

If you upload a new version of an asset, any embeddable links already created for that asset will automatically be updated. No need to manually re-generate them for the new version to be shown on your website on blog.

Photoshop integration

Our existing Adobe InDesign connection has been expanded to work from within Photoshop as well. You can browse and open images stored in Dash from within Photoshop. Learn more here.

The start of analytics...

We are working on lots of exciting features to give you insights into the performance of your assets. The first small step towards this is you can now view how many times an asset has been downloaded on the Asset Details page.

Controlling asset visibility

  • You can now find assets not in folders, useful if you want to ensure all assets are in a folder. Find the option in the Filters pane.

  • Assets not in folders are no longer visible to users with folder-specific permissions. Only admins and users with an "all folders" permission group can now see assets not in folders.

General improvements

  • You now discard a set of uploaded assets from the upload page.

  • Admins can now manually grab the invite URL for an invited user, in case the user has lost their invite email.

  • Crop and control the home page background when uploading a new image in the Theming admin section.

  • Add multiple tags at once using commas.

  • Bulk downloads now allow you to resize a batch of images even if one of the selected assets is not an image.

August 2020

Asset versions

Upload new versions of existing assets to replace the previous version, without having to upload a new asset and delete the old one. You can now:

  • Upload a new version of an asset

  • View the current version number

  • View an asset's version history

  • Download previous versions

Learn more in our this support article

Crop the home page background on upload

You can now apply a crop when uploading an image to your home page background, making it much easier to get the perfect fit and finish to make your Dash really stand out.

July 2020

Zapier integration

We're really excited to launch our Zapier integration. Zapier lets you build workflows across multiple applications without any coding needed. For example, you could trigger an email to be sent to your team when a photographer uploads an asset to a specific folder in Dash, or you could have images added to a specific Dropbox folder automatically added to Dash.

Learn more about our Zapier integration here.

Saved searches

When you run a search and/or apply filters, you can now save that search so you can run it again in the future. Just click "save this search", give it a name, and it will show up under the search box next time you click on it.

June 2020

Social Media Presets

Access preset crops and resizes for a variety of social media post types, right from the Download menu. No need to create your own presets for these commonly-used destinations.

Full-size previews on the public share pages

Viewers of any shared link can now select an individual asset to view it in full-size before downloading.

Expiry Dates

We've made the default "Expiry Date" field smart! Now, when you put a date in this field, admins will receive an email in advance and on expiry of assets, and all users will see a notification when viewing or downloading an expired asset.

Learn more about expiry dates in our help centre here.

Tags auto-complete

Typing into a tag field now will auto-suggest tags from existing metadata in your system. Now you don't need to worry about spelling that tag correctly, as Dash will show you what is already in use.

May 2020

Share previews

Whenever you share one or more assets from Dash with an external user (someone who doesn't have a Dash account), they can now see previews of all assets being shared, and can selectively download them.

Group permissions

With group permissions you can control who can see, download to and upload from each folder in your Dash. Learn more about permissions in this support article.

View embedded metadata

Click "View file data" on any asset to view the full contents of all embedded metadata, whether that has been mapped to a field or not.

March 2020

Re-orderable filters in the Browse panel

You can already choose the order of fields in the sidebar when viewing an asset. Now, admins can choose the order of fields shown in the Browse page Filters panel. As well as re-ordering fields, you can also choose to hide any fields that you don't want to show in this panel.

Download preset image sizes in JPG or PNG

You can now choose whether you want to download a preset image size in JPG or PNG. Learn more about these file types in this article.

February 2020

More previews

We now support and show previews for more file types:

  • Powerpoint (PPT, PPTX)

  • HEIC (photos taken from iOS devices)

  • SVG

January 2020

Embeddable crops

Following on from our release of Custom preset crop sizes in December, you can now also access these when creating an embeddable link to an asset. This means when creating a new embeddable link, you can choose from existing preset crop sizes, or create your own crop size, and this will be immediately shareable.

December 2019

Custom preset crop sizes 

Create predefined crop sizes where downloaded images will be fixed to a defined width and height, ideal when downloading for social media or other destinations with specific requirements for image dimensions.

Predefined crops will be available to all users in the Download menu on any image asset, allowing the user to choose where to place the crop and to zoom the image to choose how much to fit in the crop.


Zoom into full-size previews of your assets

November 2019

Preset download sizes

Configure predefined sizes, which are available to all users to pick from when downloading one or multiple assets.

The presets you create dictate the maximum width and height of a downloaded asset, which when downloaded will be resized so that neither dimension exceeds these limits.

This is just the start of our preset functionality plans - cropping is coming soon - so keep an eye out for more features coming soon!

Share assets in new ways by generating direct links to your assets. This is useful for embedding in external systems or web-pages, without having to download and upload the asset.

You can create two types of links:

  1. Direct - A direct URL to the asset

  2. Embedded - A direct URL to the asset contained within HTML code

You can create embeddable links for all your existing Preset sizes, or you can create a one-off custom size.

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