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How can I rename an asset's filename?
How can I rename an asset's filename?

Learn about how to rename files in Dash

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This article explains how we handle filenames in Dash and what to do if you want to change an asset's filename.

How Dash handles filenames

When you upload an asset into Dash, we store the asset's original filename permanently against the asset. We also then use this filename in the Title field if no other Title has been specified. So an asset may initially look like this after upload:

You are free to change the title, but it is not possible to edit the filename itself directly in Dash. So, you can update the title to make the asset easier to understand, e.g. in thumbnails, like this:

Notice that even though the title is updated, the filename remains the same.

Why you might want to change the filename

In the above example, even after changing the title, if I searched for the filename the asset would still be shown in search results, as we search both the title and the filename. You might not want this to happen, and so you'll need to change the filename.

How to change an asset's filename in Dash

It isn't possible to directly edit an asset's filename in Dash. In order to change an asset's filename, you'll need to upload a new version, as follows:

  1. Download the asset to your desktop using the Original preset, or locate the original asset already on your computer

  2. Rename the asset so it has the desired filename

By uploading a new version of the asset with the corrected filename, the original asset's filename will be updated, and you will keep all of the metadata you have already applied.

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