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Learn about downloading videos in different sizes

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You can download videos from your Dash in two ways:

  1. The original size

  2. A resized copy

Download in the original size

  1. Open a video

  2. Click the Download button

  3. Click "Original"

Download a resized copy of a video

  1. Open a video

  2. Click the Download button

  3. Click "Custom download"

  4. Either drag the slider to resize, or specific either the height or width

  5. Click download

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave the page while I wait for the download?

Yes, you can leave the video page and continue using Dash while you wait for the download to complete.

Nothing is happening, is that normal?

Because videos can take some time to be resized, there may be a delay between clicking download and the file being downloaded by your browser. If you suspect a video isn't being downloaded, please wait at least 10 minutes, then try again. If it still doesn't work, contact us using the in-app chat with a link to the video you are trying to download and we'll be happy to investigate.

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