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How to add ALT tags to an embedded asset
How to add ALT tags to an embedded asset
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When embedding a Dash asset on the web using our embeddable links feature, you may wish to include an alt tag for improved SEO and accessibility.

Once you have manually generated the HTML embed code in Dash, you can manually add an alt tag to the code before adding it to your website/CMS/etc.

An HTML embed link looks like this:

<img src="">

An embed link which includes an alt tag looks like this:

<img alt="Mini Monstera Plant" src="">

Note the additional alt attribute included in the code

How to add an alt tag to your embedded asset

  1. Copy the "HTML Embed" code from the embed menu

  2. Paste the code into your desired location, and add alt="..." after the "<img " text, as per the example above

  3. Save the code in your destination application

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