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How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication [beta]
How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication [beta]

Learn how to secure your account with additional login security

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We support logging in using Multi-Factor Authentication / MFA (also known as two-factor authentication / 2FA). This is in the beta stage which means we may still improve how the feature works.

What is MFA?

MFA means that users logging in to Dash have to authenticate themselves using two distinct steps:

  1. Username and password

  2. A verification code sent to them by Dash

This is an extra layer of security that helps ensure the user logging in is actually the real person who is entitled to use that account, and not just someone who has accessed their username and password.

How do I enable MFA?

As this is in beta, just send us a message and we will enable this for you behind the scenes. Once enabled, this will apply to all existing users in your Dash account and for all future users.

Setting up MFA

Once we have enabled MFA, all users will be prompted to set it up next time they attempt to log in to Dash. Users will see the following prompt after attempting to log in:

  1. Log in to your Dash as normal

  2. You will see the following prompt, asking you to set up Dash in an authenticator application and enter the code it generates, then click "Continue". See our FAQ below on where to obtain a MFA authenticator.

  3. Once you enter the correct code, you'll be asked to save a copy of your backup code. This code will allow you to access your account in future if you ever lose access to your authenticator app, so save this somewhere safe.

  4. Once saved, tick the box to confirm and press "Continue"

Frequently Asked Questions

What authenticator app do I need to use?

You can use any authenticator app you choose. You likely have already used one or two on other websites, and you can add your Dash MFA to that app to keep your MFA codes in one place.

Here are some common free authenticator apps:

Some password manager apps contain their own built-in MFA authenticators, including:

Will users who log in using Google or Microsoft logins be required to set up MFA if I enable it on our account?

Yes - the MFA check applies to all users regardless of their login method, even if their social login method contains its own MFA steps

How do I disable MFA?

Contact us using the in-app chat and we can do this for you.


The MFA code I entered is incorrect

  1. Try a new code

    1. Wait for the 30 second timer in your authentication app to expire and generate a new code, then try that new code.

  2. Use your backup code

    1. Click "Try another method"

    2. Click "Recovery code"

    3. Enter your recovery code (that you saved when you first set up your MFA account) and click "Continue"

    4. Save the new recovery code, tick that you have safely recorded the code, and then click "Continue"

  3. Contact us

    1. Still can't login? Contact us using the in-app chat and we can reset your MFA access for your user, so you can set up your MFA access again.

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