How do I create an Amazon S3 bucket?

Learn how to create an S3 bucket, a user, and attach a security profile, to allow for importing and exporting of assets to/from Dash

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If you want to do a bulk import or export of your assets to/from Dash, you will need an S3 bucket. S3 is the name of a cloud storage service powered by Amazon Web Services.

We can create a temporary bucket for you, but if you want full control over it and don't want it to be deleted, you might want to create your own.

This article tells you how to set this up. We've made a tool that will create the bucket for you so it is quite a simple process. The steps are as follows:

1. Sign into AWS

  1. Create an account with Amazon Web Services if you don't already have one and log into it.

2. Create your S3 bucket

  1. Give your Stack a useful name, e.g. "dash-import-yourorgname" and use this name for the "Name" field in the Parameters section as well

  2. Tick the acknowledgement box at the bottom of the page

  3. Click "Create Stack"

  4. Your bucket will now start being created

  5. Wait a few minutes, click refresh, until the panel on the left says "CREATE_COMPLETE":

3. Obtain your access credentials

  1. Click on URL representing the bucket you just created

  2. Scroll down to the panel called "Secret value" and click "Retrieve secret value"

  3. You will then be shown the three pieces of information you need to access your bucket:

    1. Bucket name

    2. Access Key ID

    3. Secret Access key

  4. Copy these into the relevant location in your S3 tool to gain access to the bucket and start uploading files

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