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How do I integrate Dash with Hootsuite?
How do I integrate Dash with Hootsuite?

Search your Dash library for the perfect image for your social media post, without leaving Hootsuite

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To install the Dash app in Hootsuite

  • Click the 'Install' button to install the Dash app.

  • When composing a new post, click the 'Open Media Library' link.

  • Change the dropdown from "Free images" to "Dash"

  • If this is the first time you've used the Dash app from Hootsuite, enter your Dash account credentials to sign into Dash.

  • Enter one or more keywords to find the perfect image for your new social post.

  • Click on the thumbnail of an image in the search results to use the image in your post.

  • You can click 'Edit image' to crop and resize the image.


  • The first time you try to use the Dash app, if after signing in you don't see your Dash images then try closing the post composer and reopening it.

  • If you have multiple Dash accounts then you will be signed in to only one of these. At present it is not possible to select which of multiple Dash accounts you want to access.

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