How do Expiry Dates work?

In Dash you can mark the expiry date of an asset, and if you do so the following will happen:

  • A warning will be shown to all users next to the Expiry Date field if the date has been reached

  • An email will be sent to all administrators when an Expiry Date has been reached (optional)

  • An email will be sent to all administrators in advance of the Expiry Date being reached (optional)

Configuring Expiry Dates

Expiry dates are a type of custom field that can be created by an admin in the "Fields" section of the admin area. Once created, admins can configure which type of email alerts should be sent, and how many days in advanced to send "expiring soon" emails.

Email Alerts

Daily email alerts are sent to admins detailing the assets that have expired or are expiring soon, including a link to see all these assets within Dash. No email will be sent if no assets are expired/expiring, don't worry!

You can enable/disable expiry email alerts, and control how much notice is sent, by clicking the relevant expiry date field in Admin > Fields:

Asset Expired Warning Messages

All users will see warning messages in relevant places within Dash when using expired assets. These include:

  • with the field on the asset details page

  • when doing a download (single or bulk)

  • when sharing (single or bulk)

  • when creating an embeddable link

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