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How do I control how many auto-tags are added to my assets?
How do I control how many auto-tags are added to my assets?

Learn how to balance quantity vs quality with auto-tags

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Quick overview of auto-tagging

When you import an asset into Dash, we automatically detect objects, text and embedded location data in the asset and add this information to the asset's metadata, making the asset instantly searchable by any user, without the need for manual tagging and organisation.

Changing the auto-tagging accuracy

You can control how many tags are added to each asset. Doing this is a balance between a) fewer, more accurate tags or b) more, less accurate tags. This is known as the auto-tagging "accuracy".

You can adjust the auto-tagging accuracy from "Admin > Intelligence", and locating the "Accuracy" slider within each section.

Here are some examples of the same asset being tagged at different accuracy settings:

Accuracy set to ~90% (few tags, very accurate)

Accuracy set to ~50%

Accuracy set to ~10% (more tags, less accurate)

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying accuracy changes to existing assets

Any changes you make to the accuracy slider for any field will only apply to assets uploaded from that point onwards. If you would like existing assets to be re-scanned at the new accuracy setting, we can do this for you, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Controlling what tags are added

Currently it isn't possible to control the specific tags that are added or not added. If there is something specific you would love Dash to be able to do, please let us know so we can take this into consideration.

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