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How can I see a list of all tags in use?
How can I see a list of all tags in use?

Learn how to manage the tags used in your Dash

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Free tags fields allow your contributor users to enter their own tags on assets, to increase the searchability of those assets.

You may want to know what tags are being used by your users. This may be because:

  • You want to look for tags that should be removed

  • You want to find tags that might be mispelled

Our free tags fields are generally most useful for storing the auto-tags that Dash creates when you upload an asset. For storing your own additional tags, we recommend using controlled tags. Controlled tags let you see all tags in use, and control the tag that users can add to assets.

Can I migrate my free tags to controlled tags?

Yes, we can help you migrate your free tags to controlled tags. Just get in touch with us via the in-app chat and we'll support you with this.

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