Combining multiple filters

Learn how you can refine your search by combining filters

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Filters are a powerful way of refining your search to only find the assets you need. How does Dash search though, when you select multiple filters?

Tags, Controlled Tags and Checklists

When you choose multiple options within the same filter, Dash will give you the option to either search against all selected options, or any of the selected options:

In this example, selecting "Any" would search for assets that contain either the Hanging & Trailing OR the Tall plants option. Selecting "All" would bring back assets that contain both the Hanging & Trailing AND Tall Plants option.

Dropdown list

When selecting multiple options within a Dropdown list, Dash will automatically search for assets that contain Any of the selected option. This is because it's not currently possible to assign multiple dropdown options to an asset, so searching for an asset that contains more than one dropdown option (from within the same dropdown field) would pull in zero results.

💡Did you know?

You can also keep track of how your filters are being applied by looking at the filter chips at the top of the search results - do they say "&":

...or do they say "or" between the selected options?

How to exclude tags from a filter (i.e. a "not" filter)

Read this article to learn how to exclude specific tags from a filter

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