Sometimes you will want to replace an existing asset with a new version, for example if you have made some edits to an image. By uploading the new version of the asset, you can ensure that users searching for that image will see the latest version.

Here's what you can do in Dash:

  • Upload a new version of an asset to replace the previous version

  • See the version number of the current asset

  • View the version history of the asset

  • Download previous versions of the asset

How to upload a new version of an asset

Simply view your asset, and in the attribute pane on the right-hand side, click "Original file" and then select "Upload a new version":

Choose the new file from your computer, and Dash will then upload it and replace the existing version

Or, once viewing the asset you wish to replace, simply drag the new version from your desktop onto your browser, and voila!

Some things to note

  • We don't re-run auto-tagging or facial recognition on new versions, so if your new version contains different faces or objects that you want tagged, remember to add these in manually after uploading the new version.

  • Any active embeddable links to the original file will remain active. If you want to re-point the links to the new version, delete the existing links from the embeddable links menu, then re-create them and paste those links as you would normally.

  • Only Contributor and Admin users can upload new versions or see the version history

Viewing an asset's version history

You can view the version history by clicking "Original file" in the attribute side panel, then selecting "View all versions"

Downloading a previous version of an asset

Once you are viewing an asset's version history, you can click the download button next to any of the versions to download that version.

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